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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  February 14, 2013 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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saying hello. >> reporter: joe lived with his 87-year-old wife. police say there have been several car break-ins in the area, and the couple's home was broken into last november. in a bizarre twist, police arrested 45-year-old marie mabel johnson thursday morning in connection with the home burglary. >> it's not comfortable to know that someone reported a series of break-ins and maybe we're not satisfied with the results. >> reporter: police say johnson is known to the family. she rented one of several properties the family owned. this afternoon, detectives searched for clues. the del ray community of alexandria's sense of community has been shattered before. nearly 10 years ago, nancy dunning, a fixture in the community who earned the nickname queen of del ray, was murdered in her home. her death remains a mystery. residents say they are disturbed by the murder of their neighbor but say it hasn't taken away the beauty of their charming neighborhood. >> he was kind of a
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grandfatherly figure here. people cared about him. >> reporter: the family has released a statement. it reads, joe was a gentle, frail 94-year-old gentleman. his life was restricted to beg in the house where he fondly fixed meals for his wife. cared for a few flowering plants, read his paper, rooted for the orioles, redskins, and wizards on tv. his loving being will be greatly missed. rest in peace, joe. after canvassing the outside detectives will move inside to find out if anything was stolen. in del ray, surae chinn, wusa 9. >> after eight miserable days at sea, passengers trapped on a disabled cruise ship may finally reach land sometime later tonight. you are looking live at the carnival triumph cruise ship. it is on pace to reach mobile alabama at some time tonight. at that time they slate take four or five hours for the passengers to disembark. the ship stalled sunday after an engine room fire disabled
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it. since then people have had to use plastic bags for toilets. some are being fed on onion sandwiches. >> it is he are volting. it's a mixture of sewage and rotting fad, depending on where you are in the ship, and sometimes you think you've found a non smell lee area, and it will just drift in. part of it is because the toilet situation has changed so quickly. some will work, then they will be backing up fluid from floors below and it overflows. like i said, the crew is awesome. they are doing their very best to keep up. in fact, i went to the bathroom earlier, and there was one working toilet, and this poor woman had been in there for hours, and she just continually dumps water down in an effort to keep it flushing. it's ridiculous. >> well, all 4,000-plus passengers are being offered a full refund for the criewrks transportation expenses, $500, and vouchers for maybe another cruise, if they dare. breaking news now on that ex cop who shot it out with
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police in a remote cabin in california. it's taken a couple of day, but police in san bernardino have now positively identified the body as being that of christopher dorner. again, police have identified the charred remains in that california cabin as those of christopher dorner. taking advantage of senate rules, republicans have blocked chuck hagel's nomination to be the next secretary of statement president obama is accusing them of, quote, playing politics in a time of war. republicans say they want more time to study speeches hagel gave after he left the senate in 2008. he has sparked controversy with his comments regarding israel and iran. this would mark the first time a national security nominee has ever faced a filibuster. he made headlines as the first double amputee to compete in the olympics. and now oscar pristorius is making headlines as a killer. he's charged with murdering his
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supermodel girlfriend. she was shot four times inside his house in a gated community. police dismissed earlier reports that he had surprised her and that she thought he was an intruder. >> he made olympic history last summer when he became the first double amputee to compete in the olympics. he is due in court tomorrow. something needs to be done. i've said it before. it's the job of the congress, whomever. >> that was cleo patrick howling. her daughter was murdered just one week after she and her band performed at the inauguration parade in washington. also here in washington,
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this gathering at the lutheran church of the reformation on capitol hill. a group known as moms rising prepared to deliver petitions to capitol hill supporting gun control. among the moms, lori haas, whose daughter was wounded at virginia tech. >> i think after virginia tech there was a lot of grieving and a lot of sympathy and a lot of wariness, an immense amount of support for all the survivors and all the victims and their families in particular, but people realized that that support is not enough. >> moms rising claims to have 150,000 sings on its petition to congress. virginia's tebow bill gets sacked. for the second straight year virginia's senate has voted to stop the bill that have with allowed home school kids to play sports for public schools. those who support the bill say their taxes pay for the options but opponents say it wouldn't be fair. the bill's name references nfl quarterback tim tebow would was home schooled in florida before he won a heisman trophy at the
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university of florida. ,a virginia couple has an awful lot of reasons to love valentine's day this year. they bought that winning $217 million powerball ticket, and today they picked up the check that will probably change their lives. kristin fisher met one the lucky couple. >> reporter: it may be the best valentines gift ever. a check for $217 million. >> we still can't describe it. it's so surreal. it's just a shock. >> reporter: dave and nancy honeywell are self-proclaimed computer people for department of defense. they wake up at 4:00 a.m. to commute, but it was on a business trip to denver that dave bought the powerball particular. dave had walked past this machine in the airport so many times before on other business trips, but this time, he had a few extra minutes so he decided to play. little did he know he would walk away with the winning ticket the second largest prize
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ever awarded by the virginia lottery. >> i just couldn't believe it. i called my wife, and i said, at that point, whatever, i said, i think my heart just started, and she said, are you okay, and i said, i think we have the powerball wing ticket. >> reporter: that he did. after working for the federal government for nearly 30 years, the thing they're looking forward to most? >> able to retire. i can't tell you the feeling of that. not to have to do that commute. >> that's the biggest thing, being able to now enjoy our family. >> reporter: their first purchase, a new car to replace their old one that's 13 years old with 170,000 mails on it. but their grandkids have other ideas about what to do with the money. >> i want to get a butler. >> a lot of butters will! >> reporter: in richmond, kristin fisher, wusa 9. >> butler. that, i did not see coming. they did have a choice. they could either take the full jackpot in 30 annual payments
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or get the one-time cash payment, $136 million after taxes. they took the cash. tonight they're heading home to fredericksburg with a whole lot of money in their bank account, and a lot of relief because they don't have to make the commute any more. this morning got off to a rough start because the weather was rough but if you were able to wait until noon before you came out you may have thought it was march already. top is out on the weather terrace. >> really a nice day. a little bit of slippery conditions this morning but then the temperature got to 50 today with not much wind. that's really the key. it felt very nice. let's talk about temperatures. they're falling but not drastically. so 44 downtown. 39 in frederick, 37 in manassas, 45 in leesburg, 37 down toward andrews. now, in terms of the satellite and radar combined, we have one system passing to our north. we have some high clouds to the south. no worries tonight. our worries will come as we get into tomorrow. so clear to partly cloudy tonight, breezy late, chilly, low temperatures in the 30s. we will come back, we'll talk
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about arctic air, rain showers, and, yes, some snow. up next, a federal report that just might change if way we fight
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we are back with a health alert regarding breast cancer and the way we ought to be fighting that disease. anita brikman is here with more. >> a report marks a major shift in the way some experts believe we should be targeting breast cancer. a federal committee concludes that while research into treatments is really important, the best way to reduce the burden of the disease is prevention. the breast cancer fund says that that includes eliminating environmental risks like chemicals in many of the products we use which can interfere with hormones. the group also wants more research and policy aimed at prevention. we spend $17.35 billion a year screening and treating for
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breast cancer. it makes great long-term sense for us to invest in prevention and to reduce that expenditure over the years. >> the gw school of public health held a forum a few hours ago to talk about better ways to prevent breast cancer. close to 300,000 new cases a year with 40,000 women and some men dying of the disease. >> good news if you can move forward with the prevention angle. thank you, anita. the weather is getting a little crazy. snow yesterday. today it was warm and nice. and the weekend, well, you'll have to wait on that. topper will be here later with your forecast. st. how room to grow gives low- income parents the skill and tools to raise their children. i'm randall pinkston in new
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sometimes we tend to forget everybody is not as fortunate as the rest of us that some folks need a little extra help to give their family everything they need. at the nonprofit group known as room to grow, the focus is on parents who want the best for their kids but need a little help. >> you put on his shoe, you say, oh this is one shoe. >> reporter: 21-year-old hope york is learning to be a better patient. she's getting help from room to grow. a nonprofit that serves low- income, mostly single moms. >> how to cope with the challenges of him being upset, and how to cope with the
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challenges of me being upset. >> reporter: the help starts during the final trimester of pregnancy. mothers must commit to visits every three months for three years. this woman is married but needed help. she left a troubled home at 14. >> my mother wasn't there at the time to help me, so my greatest thing was to know how to provide the best, as far as nurturing and love. >> reporter: ceo says creating a stronger family means a brighter future for the next generation. >> the first three years of life offer the greatest opportunity to affect change. >> reporter: room to grow provides parents with children's clothes and educational toys. >> toys that are going to reinforce language now. >> reporter: and at least 10 books every visit. >> so you get to read to them, and that helps develop their language. that encourages them to read. >> reporter: over the course of the program, parents receive an estimated $10,000 in clothes, books, toys, and gear. but they say the counseling is
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even more valuable. >> nurturing, sleeping habits, breastfeeding, behavior habits, eating habits, things we didn't know about. >> reporter: building blocks for a better life. randall pink stop, cbs news, new york. >> room to grow already has offices in new york and boston, and they are planning to expand to other cities. well, it is valentine's day, and a day of giving, but one woman gave her boyfriend something that he will carry around forever. literally. she and her boyfriend underwent surgery so she could give him her kidney. travis has had kidney problems since he was born. after spending a year on the donor list his dirl friend turned out to be a perfect match. >> i made it 29 years on a quarter of a kidney. >> i'm so blessed that active ability to do that. i just want to know that he's
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okay. >> very generous. just in case you weren't aware today is also national day. very appropriate. >> pretty nice. >> a nice girlfriend there. >> that's right. >> so what about this weather, top? >> a little slippery this morning, nice this afternoon. tomorrow more mild, but don't let that fool you because arctic air rolls in over the weekend. let's start with a live look outside. this is the kennedy center. it's down to 44, just a few clouds. dew point around 30. it's not a particularly dry or cold air mass. relative humidity in the middle which means your indoor humidity saddle more comfortable, probably running 30% or maybe 25%. okay, temperature-wise, some 30s popping up, 36 in german town. 43 in fairfax, but 39 in springfield, 41 in be they say darks 42 in college park, but 37 in andrews, and 42 for our friends down toward wall dorchlt satellite/radar combined, here's our little
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system. doesn't look like much. it is going to kind of swing through tennessee and kentucky, then offshore as we get into friday night and saturday, and again, it could produce some snow showers, maybe even a period of he snow late tomorrow night and into saturday morning. right now no worries, and tomorrow morning no worries, either. looking at clear skies to start, just a few clouds after midnight. so just chilly tonight, mild tomorrow. in fact, a tad milder, and then afternoon showers, and evening showers, then some snow or snow showers friday night, which could -- it could carry on into saturday. a little too early to talk about accumulations, but we could see a dusting, or maybe a conversational snow again. we shall see. tonight clear to part cloudy, lows in the 30s. winds south-southwest at 10 to 15. by morning, very nice, really. part sunny, breezy and cool. grab a coat. it won't feel that cold when you leave, but if you are going to be out tomorrow night or late tomorrow night particularly, it is going to get much colder, 30s and 40s. by afternoon, clouds come in, cold front approaches.
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mostly cloudy, breezy and milder. showers are possible. winds out of the southwest 10 to 15. look at the temperature. high temperatures near 55 degrees tomorrow. all right, going to go out to the west of town. way across the divide. only 38 with snow showers developing in oakland, 46 in cumberland. looking at temperatures, even i think hagerstown 50. 52 in winchester, 57 in culpeper, and low to mid-50s for warrenton, manassas, leesburg, round hill, and fairfax. downtown, 54. upper 50s to mid-50s in southern maryland. winds are just below small craft advisory criteria. that said, it is going to be pretty choppy on the water. there could be an afternoon or evening thundershower. yeah, thundershower. going up 270, 54 gaithersburg, 53 frederick. we'll break it down for you. 30s to start, then 52 to 57 by afternoon, and some showers possible by evening 48 to an 3wu9 53. for now we're going keep it so it's green.
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we're looking at friday spring to winter with showers, and maybe some snow showers overnight. then some light snow possible saturday. only 39. then sunday a snow shower possible. less of a chance for snow on sunday, with temperatures even colder, about 32. next seven days, president's day very nice. sunshine and temperatures go back into the mid-40s. rain on tuesday. i think we will be in the upper 40s. next wednesday and thursday, seasonal, temperatures mid to upper 40s with sunshine. >> not bad. that not that bad at all. >> all right. we'll be back in a minute. we want to hear what you think. send your e-mails to mcginty's mailbag. the address is
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in the mailbag tonight the
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food police, the center for science in the public interest yesterday recommending that the fda force soft drink makers to cut back on sugar in their concoctions. john says, nothing wrong with that. i'm not sure who is against such a thing. is it the left government is a better government thing, or the libertarians, or are they the same? my idea, you don't want a government restrict your ability to ingest sugar by the pound, then don't look to the government to pay any part of your medical bills that result. john, i do get that but once you start basing insurance coverage upon behavior, where do you stop? no heart disease coverage for couch potatoes? no dental for those what indulge in gum me bears? then from brenda. i feel the government/fda should be more worried about the additives in our foods than the shierng our drinks. we have way too many people
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being diagnosed with cancer. why not do additives and sugar, brenda, but i must note that the reason they put all that sugar in drinks is because people like it. would soda still be as good if there were a lot less? the fda mandate might be a little heavy handed. but that's just me. we'll get your tank mailbag. the address, that's our broadcast. we'll see you a little later ♪
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e.t. with new information on the olympic hero arrested for killing his girlfriend. >> was it murder or a valentine's day surprise gone wrong? i'm nancy o'dell. >> and i'm rob marciano. >> oscar pistorius is under arrest this morning accused of murder. >> what we knoabout the double amputee known as the blade runner and his model girlfriend shot dead. >> oscar has a history of violence. >> plus, his dancing with the stars past. >> why were kim and kanye pulled off an airplane in new york? exclusive -- this is the ultimate jewish mother's dream. >> with joan rivers officiating, who's saying i do on top of the empire state building? clooney, britney, bruce and demi. we have the secrets of the stars lost las vegas marriage certificates. >> he had an old john deere hat.


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